Market Panics Over Obama?

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  1. This guy is a tool with no credibility, I've never heard him utter anything of value on cnbc.
    He has the dried lips of an alcoholic..
  2. The only ones who ever say anything of value on CNBC are Cashin and Santelli. Both guys work in the trenches and tell it how it is with no sugar on top. The rest are on there for either their looks or their personalities, as annoying as that can be. I keep it on mute most of the day but always listen to what these guys have to say.

  3. pismo10


    So it is pure coincidence that the real estate mkt, the stock market and the economy all started to tank the day the dems took the house and senate and has continued as the polls point left.
  4. I agree. A community organizer who has never held a real job. He's pathetic.

  5. Ure a moron of first degree, along with all the whores (sans Santelli) on CNBC.
  6. Lol. Attack the messenger ignore the message. It's the democratic way.

    How about someone just refute the points in the article?
  7. If Obama become President, he will be worse than Jimmy Carter. It's going to be terrible if he wins.
  8. Yeah this is all due to the possibility Obama may be the next POTUS.
    All the economic problems, dropping employment, global financial crisis really isn't effecting the markets.
    Sarcasm off.

    Aside from some jockeying in healthcare stocks, clean energy stocks, etc(sector picks on whether McCain wins or Obama wins) the election has little to nothing to do with the current state of the markets.
  9. Obama is OLD news. Him becoming President has been priced in long time ago (at least a month).
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