Market Outlook - Is there a limit to Scams ?

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  1. Why does Elitetrader allow this GrandSuperCycle guy to perpetually and frequently post bad calls and information for almost a year now ?

    This is an obvious SCAM. By allowing the SCAM to continue, EliteTrader is sending a clear message that it is not a legitimate trading site.
  2. I almost choked on my bagel.
  3. emg


    u have the other way around.

    More than 90% of ET members and a MODERATOR, claim to be a successful traders, a millionaire/billionaire, CEO without showing proof of calling out their trades.

    Not only ET, but in Twitter!
  4. it's a political/religious site
  5. this is correct: ET has the highest number of billionaires per capita
  6. luisHK


    A ratio still way below the number of Black Swan and USD rallying warnings per Bicycle boy's post. I've had the poster on ignore for a few weeks but I doubt his daily outlooks have changed any bit.

    It goes to show that when one is too much of a retard to flip burgers, the financial analysis industry may still opens its doors...
  7. doublea


    Oh Please!! You keep asking people what their capital is but won't tell your capital when asked. With so many posts per day, I doubt if you even trade.
  8. 90% elite traders don't trade, they simply don't

    p.s. why the hell should they? they are multi-millionaires/billionaires after all
  9. Mav88


    I don't understand why people expect so much from a forum where the barrier for entry is to have email and an internet connection.
  10. emg


    More than 90% of ET members and twitter want the whole world to know they are a successful traders, CEOs, millionaire/billionaire, own a penthouse on park ave NYC, blood relation to Henry Morgan, etc etc etc.

    ET and Twitter are best place for wannabes/losers to let the whole world know they are successful traders. This is where their fantasy dream will come true.

    But the fact is:

    More than 90% of small traders lose. They just lose!!!

    P.S I have yet to meet a trillionaire ET memeber
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