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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by mickmak, Oct 31, 2012.

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    This maybe a repeated question. So apologies ahead.

    Let's say the pre-market bid/offer for a particular equity is at 34.5 and 34.58. What is the best way to buy or sell into the MOO price? Is there a broker that can give you that price?

    The algo I am looking at is to get in at the MOO price (either side). I understand the market maker matching algorithms and some of the pre-market activities. I am curious which broker or what method you would suggest to use to get hold of the MOO price of a stock.

  2. Occam


    Check out the exchange-specific details on this -- I think there are some subtle differences amongst them. And this is just unsolicited advice, but I would always use a limit (LOO) rather than market.
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    Route your order to the Primary exchange for the open or close and you'll receive the proper price. So if it's a stock like AAPL, go to NASDAQ and a stock listed on the NYSE like IBM go to NYSE. If your using smart routes or algos, you have to ask them where those orders are routed to protect yourself.