Market oesn't respond to any logic

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  1. Acting more like a casino, can't decide itself to a proper capitulation. Government cant decide on a course, Markets utterly confused.
    What a sad thing to watch.
    At Any instant T , movement upwards or downwards is a 50 % probability
  2. boo hoo hoo did you short and forget to cover?

    If you have any money left just buy now and do nothing for the next 14 months.
  3. Poor people buying now thinking the market has reached a bottom. They will soon experience the reality of their decision.
  4. I'm 100 % cash since Friday...and I'm not buying shit, even if we have a 1000 point rally today, it'll crash back to 8000 within a week.
  5. Fear.
  6. How much lower do you really think it can go? There is enourmous support in the 7700-8200 level. So far all econ data has been in line or better than expected. Even many people who are bearish aren't shorting.
  7. Exactly, market is 100 % emotional.

    it's not news driven
    it's not earnings driven
    it's not gov intervention driven
    it's NOTHING driven.

    Pure concentrated Fear. Fear that they'll miss the rally from the bottom, fear that it'll go even further down.....nothing logical
  8. Are you stupid, delusional or high ? Did you look at the jobs report this morning, what do you call that ? positive economic data ?
  9. A whole 32,000 out of over 200,000,000 working Americans.
  10. wow
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