Market Obamageddon coming post monday crash.

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  1. ah..this one is not R rated.

    it means something like ''irony of fate/destiny''

    ''dolbaeby bear'' was something like "bears are wrong now",it was irony therefore


    whatis the difference between fate and destiny btw?
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  2. All of a sudden the Armageddon thread turned into lingo forum.

    Irony Irony Irony
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  3. Oh yes...

    "get in a jam you already dolbaeby blizzard bear!"

    is close to

    ''why don`t you stop posting this bullshit,jag-offs!!!''

    What da hell does "get in the jam" mean? The first translation makes no sense!!!! blizzard bear? is that a bear you find in Siberia?

    The first translation sounds like you are making canned jams... lol

    The second translation is right but it ain't the literal translation.... watered down lol....
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  4. "get in a jam you already dolbaeby blizzard bear!"

    it was a buy signal! i`ll alert you next time with this line,so now you know what it means

    :D :D :D
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  5. "Coded" buy signal.

    What's the sell signal in Russian?
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  6. Google says "an attribute of things that results from the light they reflect, transmit, or emit in so far as this light causes a visual sensation that depends on its wavelengths."

    But I say it means "dark meat".
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  7. Why 'give' of color?

    give is a verb
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  9. That google translator is flawed.

    I did an English to my native language translation using English profanities and it gives you an incorrect translation.

    For example....

    if you type "F*ck You" in English and have it translate the words into another language, it will say, "sexual intercourse you" or "curse you" in another language.
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  10. yg10


    "to give of" is translated as "отдать".

    Good luck with your translation. I was trying to do the same many years ago.
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