Market news - which newspaper do you use?

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Which newspaper or magazine do you rely on most for market/trading news and info?

  1. Wall Street Journal

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  2. Barrons

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  3. Investors Business Daily

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  4. Tech Analysis Stocks/Commodities

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  5. Futures Magazine

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  6. Bloomberg Magazine

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  7. Active Trader

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  8. OTHER - I listed it below in a message

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  1. What newspaper/magazine do you use for investing and market news?
  2. Financial Times and The Economist
  3. Newspaper? You mean that papery thing that comes out a day after the news is out and the market has already factored it into the index or stock of note? Never a good idea to trade on stale news...
  4. The Economist
  5. FT
  6. Missed a choice - None.

    The only printed pub I look at is the NYT employment section on Sunday to asses new hot job sectors and shifts in sentiment.
  7. None. I get all the current financial news I need from CNBS... which is also "none".
  8. Lucrum


    Do newspapers really contain anything even resembling "news" anymore?
    They should probably call them: History Papers.

    As for magazines I like flipping through SFO and Active Trader.
  9. everything is online....



    trade the news (awesome)

    cbs marketwatch online

    bloomberg directv feed...

    i read the funnies in the sunday paper and the home and garden sections....
  10. =============

    Would agree with you o-coach about 80% or more;
    probably 88.7 % or more.:cool:

    However Investors Business Daily SPX/Nasdaqqq old newspaper charts with 200day/50 day moving average stay fresh for months. Its also unique, started with trading/investing profits.
    Would agree with you '' dont trade on stale news'' however.

    Like SFO mag , paper edition also ;
    reread an OCT artlcle on Dan Zanger on $225.00 GOOG....

    Don Bright had a fun recent article read on '' not predicting''
    is a helpful free version of IBD.:cool:
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