Market news is supposedly professional but childish

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    I was going through various market related websites ... the news or articles posted on most of them and any other news site is pretty much non-sense ... yes they use long words, and write essay style articles like everyother news ... but that not only doesn't make it better but actually makes it worse ... they hardly have anything to say


    like imagine I want to say "my home office computer isn't working" so just to waste everyone else's time and money ... this will be my article:

    "By virtue of results obtained through visual and logical analysis upon performing various experiments on LUDON-X, we here at Boldn company have come to believe that there are important facts that must be noted about LUDON-X.

    LUDON-X is a computer that was developed by DELL corporation on Nov 8th 2006 and was purchased by Boldn Co on Dec 3rd 2006. LUDON-X has 2.2 Giga Hertz of processing power, and has a memory equal to estimated average memory of computers produced in the year 2006, the estimate was reported at 1 giga byte by PC Magazine Feb 2007 edition, the hard drive capacity is 124,875 Mega bytes which outperforms most similar computers. The main experiment on LUDON-X was carried out by JOHN GATES, who has 10 years of hands on experience with advanced technological equipment, he was hired directly by the CEO of Boldn company and was to report to him directly, the summary of his report is as follow: "After exerting pressure on a button labled "Power", LUDON-X failed to turn-on and start".

    Boldn company is one of the main key players in the information technology industry. Boldn was incorporated in 2005 and is determined to provide the future of technology with highly advanced and crucial information .... JOHN GATES is the CEO and Director of Boldn company ..."

    for more information you can contact customer support at:
    phone#: 1-800-JGATES-69
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    Short Dell pre market Monday, you heard it first right here...
  3. John's article reads like he is grant writer. Your point is taken though, re news, what now?


    I have no opinion on DELL, but Q's weekly bar had a strong engulfing close & ImO will rally.
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    now nothing, let's do crystal and pee in public ... be nice u pig, what kind of a fucking question is that
  6. I think he meant: what is your point? Are there better alternatives? etc etc...
    Maybe he assumed you actually wanted to emit some knowledge, yeah I know....

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    ya I know what he was saying ... i was pointing to the obvious, just like every other retarded american ... if everyone already knows it, who is writing all that crap ... he could have helped by stating alternatives
  8. It's been that way for as long as I can remember, especially online market related news. Filtering helps me tremendously. It takes some time and doing but it's well worth the effort. Aggregate your feeds and filter accordingly.

    On a side note I had a landscaping for years and urinating outdoors (not in public) has its merits.:p
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