Market must go up before coming down.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Jahajee, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Too simple, simplistic maybe, but the markets have to go up before coming down.
    VIX will drop to 40 or lower, SPX will rally to 1050 or 1100, DOW 10K to make it better, enticing all the suckers out there, most of whom will enter during the last 50 SPX points.
    Trap sprung, and back down to 800s or lower, testing 2002 lows. This may happen before end of October.
  2. The market doesn't 'have' to do anything. It will do whatever it pleases. Making predictions is a waste of time, cash and bandwidth.
  3. WRONG!

    It MUST go up or down. Can't stay flat forever.
  4. And why can't it stay flat forever?
  5. Because people are greedy and there are suckers out there.

    Economic data coming out later this month and first week of next month will move things plenty.