"Market Moving" News Sources?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by davez, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. davez


    Can anyone suggest a website with freebie market moving news?

    Being temporarily outside the U.S. I don't have access to the TV or radio stations sources that I used to. My trading software provides news, but I can't get it to exclude trivial news, so the good stuff gets hidden

    I often know in advance that "market moving" news is expected, and at aproximately what time, but don't know the result until many minutes later (well after the market has responded).

    I guess the term market moving news could be subjective - it depends what you're trading. But I'm talking high level stuff, like an FOMC rate change, U. of Mich Sentiment result, Initial jobless claims, key support/resis levels broken, new terrorist response, or earnings announcements from key companies (GE, WMT, AMAT, CSCO, AMGN, etc).

    I've been a member of a few for-a-fee chatrooms which had the news, but it was buried in the babble.

    I'm considering switching charting programs, so info on which programs have a filter to allow only market moving news through would be helpful.

    Paying for a good news source would be worth it, but I haven't found a site that doesn't bundle this with so much else that the cost becomes high.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you all in advance