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  1. The market goes up when more traders are LONG and it goes down when more traders are SHORT.

    Yet, why is there so many losers? 95%?
  2. Thanks Ripley for this highly intriguing topic.

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  4. So, the market goes up when more contracts are short?

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  5. Why the majority is usually wrong, why the market doesn't follow the majority's decisions, why not?

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  6. Perhaps your premises are wrong...:cool:
  7. Perhaps you're right. :D
  8. Believe it or not?
  9. You've just falsified your hypothesis.
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    because being a loser has little to do with the markets, and more to do with perspective on ones position, and life in general.

    the markets go up when there is more buying, but most of et folk still want to spend their time bitching, and lying to others and themselves about their performance - despite being anonymous.

    go figure


    losing has more to do with disposition than financial status - yet so few in todays society care to notice this. the funnything is, that in turn, that obscession creates losers. quite funny what!
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