Market most like CL

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  1. What other market would you say is most like CL , like being pyscho intraday, big swings,fake outs,etc...
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    Once you sell your soul to CL, there is nothing else like it :D
  3. +1

    Especially with moves like the last 2 days. How could you NOT want to watch that order book just whip around ;).
  4. spd


    Mrs Isn'tADoji is right, but to answer your question the Russell2k emini has somewhat similar intraday action.
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    do i get a prize?
  6. I find Kospi similar to CL. Unlike US equity indexes, this thing can move up fast as it can come down.
  7. tr51


    try euro, russel, gold
  8. For what purpose?

    Increasing size without additional slippage? Then, all oil-related contracts, both in Nymex and ICE.

    Higher diversification and a smoother equity curve? Try FX majors (with the possible exception of JPY) and non-limit commodities (particularly HG - copper).
  9. thanks for the reply's, yes mainly for slippage, and more trading opportunities, plus i want to see how other markets that are somewhat similar behave with my style
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