MArket meltdown and so little posting activity here...Blown up?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. dsq


    surprised to see so few posts given the nice market movement...granted its tough but this 3rd major down move seems to have really blown out or discouraged most traders or papers traders here.

    I havent traded much in the last month either.
  2. The amount of money pouring into our accounts is overwhelming and renders us speechless. :cool:
  3. Nope. just busy trading my friend.:cool:

    man i love this game.
  4. No problems to report here. Made a few grand today, calling it another three-day weekend since I don't trade Fridays. This is no meltdown. I've traded through meltdowns...

    Show me a 4,000 point loss on the DOW and I will show you a much-overdue correction.
  5. too busy trading to post...but I'm off now....but SDS calls are showing me some love! bought the 65's at 2.5....took some heat early on, but now they are doing great.....other than that though, all my other positions are day trades or this is just another day....
  6. Well done guys, I've just given back all my profits from the last month,,,,

    Would have been better paper trading today...LOL
  7. Well, that sucks donkey dick, doesn't it? We all have those days, but a whole month's profit? Ouch. Go treat yourself to something nice tonight. I would!
  8. Euler


    Today doesn't seem very different from a lot of other days earlier this year..I'd imagine that most of the traders who would blow up or become discouraged under such circumstances already did so by February.
  9. Diego11


    Duh man it is real ugly.

    I would remain bearish for some time.

    There are some great new stocks. You should look out for chinesse solar. Thats the next boom.
  10. dsq


    its a bear sell rallies...and maybe scalp dips...i made money on my short, lost on my long and quit for the day...unless something crazy happens between now and close...

    longer term trend is down to keep that in mind...certainly not up until economy improves...
    #10     Sep 4, 2008