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  1. The complete (as new) MARKET MATRIX/DELTA course by Steve Copan is available for a "BEST OFFER" price. The course purchased this year cost over 2 000 pounds sterling (reciepted).
    Due to a genuine change in personal/job circumstances I now have neither the time or commitment that is required for succesfull trading.
    I am offering a 7 DAY FULL MONEY-BACK GAURANTEE to ensure that you are 100% satisfied and ensure the course/methodology suits you and your trading style!
    Genuine offers for this sought after course direct to my e-mail address please:

    Further info. on the Market Matrix may be obtained from thier official web site:
  2. I can't get your email to work!

    Are you still trying to sell your Market Matrix?
  3. Can you say if the claims made by Mr.Copan regarding the Matrix's ability are accurate. There seems to be quite a few for sale!! hmmm....

    Better still, why dont you tell us the exact turning point of the Dow in the near future, then I am sure you will sell it no problemo.:confused:
  4. wee man,

    I haven't seen any other offers of Market Matrix for sale, but would be interested to buy a well priced copy. Could you give me a lead to where you might have seen them advertise?

  5. Try -

    Do a search there, I was told there were sellers offering second hand coppies.
  6. I got a copy of these 3 cd . The dude spends half the time talking about lining up trades with the moon and astrology , then another on elliott wave that is so basic you can learn it from a $10 book.. I am sorry for any one who bought this for $3000 . To me its worth $199 at best .
  7. artis74


    cycles,super cycles and elliot wave is not worth 3k no matter how you cut it.
  8. Using Glenn Neely's approach (personally, I lost respect for Pretcher's approach once I saw his present day DJIA count) to waves, delta, and fibonacci, along with a small confluence of technical indicators, candlesticks and classical patterns, is quite possibly the most efficient method of trading. The reason - because it allows for an astronomically high RR (often 20:1), whilst providing a win/loss ratio around 50%. The hardest part in using waves, delta and fibonacci, and obtaining these RR ratios is that a lot of the trades are unbelievable, particularly taking into account fundamentals and just the way the market 'looks'. Nevertheless, it works, as is the best way I've found of going with the 'flow' of the market.