"Market Map" - anybody using it ?

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  1. The "Market Map" is an indicator included in the Ensign software, now www.tradertom.com has launched a new website called www.themarketmap.com You might want to check it out to know what I am talking about, in case you aren't using Ensign.

    I wonder wether it is really that precise in forecasting major turning points....what's your experience ? I'm rather sceptical, but...maybe there is sth. to it ?!
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    lol nice.. :D
    "sometimes when things seem too good to be true, it probably is."
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    Hi, Tom H used to write some decent TA on the main indices, however, I think the 'Market Map' is pretty well useless, had a look on many days and seems to be little correlation between the map and the trading day.

    Maybe somebody is using it profitably, but if he REALLY could predict the market each day, would he really:

    1. Be an employee (He is at City Index, a spread betting firm in London).

    2. Give away the map on the web ?

  4. Never heard of it.
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    It's Larry Pesavento's neural net. I followed it for 1-2 years. It's ok.

    I found now after 10 years of search a forecast-system that can give me 1-3 week forecast. You can send me a private message for following it for a while. I'm still stress-testing and researching it. I don't sell any service etc... not yet anyway.
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    Hmmm nearly 100 bucks per month for a tool thats all ready built in to ensign..

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    I don't think it is built in. Map-data is just imported and overlayed.
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    The market map tool is built in...

    I imagine its very easy to use wilders delta phenomenon 4 day cycle & then use ensign's market map tool to perdict a path for any given day out of the 4 day cycle by using the standard data replay feature of past patterns based on the 4 day cycle to get templates.

    Hey presto we have a map & $100 in the bag...nice if people are daft enough..:D

  10. This map is different from Larry's Map in Ensign. In "Interesting Charts" thread I gave many examples of how I use Ensign's Map intraday and Daily. It can be very useful like anything else, if you have the skill to know when and how to get the best out of it. But stake my $$$ on a computer prediction alone - no thanks.
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