Market Manipulation

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  1. Friday saw one of the lowest, if not the lowest spread in the Spyder's all year. Then what the H@#? a 411,900 print goes off on the amex after the close at 84.35 which is .78 cent less than the price 15 minutes before the market closed how about a nice 321,282 profit. Does anybody think that pending order didn't effect the market at least during the last hour???? Thats the last triple witching day I'll ever trade.
  2. That was my print! I guess I got filled and my broker forgot to call.:D
  3. Stinkin liar, that was my print. I do that every 2 weeks or so , to have some spending money.
  4. I posted earlier in the day about the S&P 500 Index "rebalancing" and how it might effect the close, especially with index participants reducing holdings in Citicorp, and adding in the rest of the index.

    But most people on this thread are too dumb to even think about such events....
  5. And at least one of us is too dumb, to know what you just said, even after you said it for the second time!:D
  6. So now I know. :D
  7. Oh, So that's why someone would sell 411,000 share of the SPY's. Gee, are you really dumb enough to think that's the reason?
  8. I would love for someone to explain to me why the whole notion of "manipulation" in the market should not be regarded as totaly absurd...

    As of right now I am simply too dumb to be able to understand why the word is so often thrown around :confused:
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    J commisso-

    I wrote a post asking the same question but I erased it without submitting. I hear my dad and his friends talking about manipulation and I ask them if the price is too high or too low. Would not manipulation equal out of whack equal opportunity? Do not get me wrong I think the wonderful people at merrill screwed investors by lying too them, but that just created opportunities for traders.

  10. Like many things, the notion of market manipulation is a touchy one. If I explained it to you, you'd probably never want to trade again.

    Better to imagine an unmanipulated , random, free market system.

    You sleep better.:D
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