Market manipulation?

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  1. I watch CL quotes. I watch 3 months, currently January, February, March. I notice that a lot of the time there are same number of contracts for all months on the bid side, similar situation on the ask side (but different number than the bid). So for all months there is the same number of contracts bid and for all months, there are the same number of contracts ask. Example January, February, March all bid 5 @ 90, then it will change to all months bid 10 @90. This happens all day long but of course change in unison. How can this be if there are multiple players? Is there one market maker, algorithm or syndicate that bids the same number of contracts for all these months or what is going on?
  2. i've noticed watching energy (also metal) futs, accross all months, every month's bid and offer updating in perfect unison as you mention

    i think the mm's in some of these futs mkts are just extremely consolidated. it looks like there's more of a true market than there actually is
  3. Are there true market makers in electronic futures such as these contracts, similar to specialist on the NYSE? Or are there only independent (non-exchange sponsored) participants?

  4. ......??????
  5. Ever heard of Autospreader ?
  6. No, can you explain. I saw on another post something about autotrading in options has to be registered (Supreme Court ruling). Does that pertain here?

  7. Ok, I looked into it. Figures that is what is going on. Do people (syndicates whatever) ever get slammed doing this stuff (spread trading)? Or is it free $$$

  8. Everyone can do it (futs).
    And no, it is for sure not free $$$.