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  1. hello.I am trader from Russia. I want to make mechanical system that set a demand on buy about 5% lower than theotic price and set a demand on sell about 5% higher than theoric price in option market and if i have 2 option in position than i sell 1 future to hedge my position. Have anybody do this in american market of options????
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    You can't have simultaneous open orders on both sides of the market at the same time. Only market makers can do that, but since you are not a market maker you cannot do that.
  4. Why not??? I can do this in Russia..But if it is reaaly true that you say i can try buying two options and create sinthetic stredlle and after that i can set a demand on sell in same time..
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    As I said, it's a market maker's privilege. Not sure what you are proposing here. Mind elaborating or giving an example!?
  6. yes you can.

    you just have to know how to do it :cool:
  7. for examle..For RIH8 call 200000. It theory price is 4005..I set my demand on buy by 3950(two option)...That i buy it i sell one future to hedge the position. After that i set daman on buy at 4050 ...And if i sell the option i start buying a RIH8...
  8. So why you do not tell him how?
  9. Have two accounts. :)
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    You can bid and ask on the same option. Market makers, however, can do this on every option. In general, non-market makers are limited as to how many markets they can quote.
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