Market making new highs (again). Doom and gloomers frantic

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Clubber Lang, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Better find some "financial collapse" news quick!!!

  2. New Highs?

    I could've sworn it was about 50% higher just two years ago WHICH MEANS YOU ARE STILL STUCK BIG TIME YOU PERMABULL BAGHOLDER!

  3. Urgh....

    The notion that 'doom and gloomers' can only be short as a way to expres their bearishness on the economy is such a load of crap.

    There are for instance 'doom and gloomers' who believe in peak oil and that the lack of fossil fuel will result in a Mad Max society one day. :D

    Oil did great in 09 and so did oil stocks.

    There are also 'doom and gloomers' who believe countries and central banks will try and inflate their way out inflating untill there are no more trees.

    That implies rising stockmarkets, rising precious metals and weak paper currencies.

    No need to point out the profitability of that scenario in 09.:D
  4. Permabull? Read my posts. I was as bearish as anyone on here (way too early though).

    I trade intraday and occasionally some very short term swing trades. I never get married to a direction, just follow the market on it's ride.

    You and the other perma bears are still waiting for S&P 500 while it rallied 50% plus in 6 months!!! LOL.
  5. Under which username?

  6. Heywood Jablowmee.

  7. Clubber, you registered in Jun 2008, how can I search your posts from 2006? It's an honest question :D

    Edit: I see you deleted the 2006-2008 blurb.
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    Im done adding to my inverse etfs as I know the market is going to continue higher, my last investments in these etfs were yesterday, im done, this could worry the bulls knowing how bearish I am and knowing that this market is headed higher for no reason at all.

  9. I bet if we saw 2000$ gold, dollar index at 60, but the dow at 14,000 you would probably think we made a full recovery!
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    Yep Sure looks like a big rally.

    You are gonna buy a lot stuff with those big dollars you are making.

    Buy Buy.
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