Market makers on CME

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  1. Excuse me for my English.......

    I'd like to ask you a question about CME Market makers.

    Does every instruments have m.m. or not?
    Indexes maybe, but the others?....oil, currencies....

    Eventually have some of you a link where I can find bid/ask spreads m.m. must put on books.
    :) :confused:
  2. No market makers on CME as on NYSE and other stock exchanges.
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    There are Lead Market Makers on several products like grains, meats...
  4. Au contraire. Large orders go "upstairs" at the CME for the proper screwing they invite.
  5. CME does employ market makers and they're not 'upstairs' hacking away at your orders. They're making markets to add liquidity to the marketplace. There's nothing nefarious about the business practice at all.
  6. No? Look at the fills on those orders. And they do go "upstairs" to an in-house MM.
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    Not true- No market makers at the CME.
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    I understand what you're saying, but this is different from a true MM.

    The CME has, in the past, instituted programs like the one you've linked to. These programs are for markets that they don't feel will have a sufficiently deep market. They will offer incentives(fee rebates ect) to people in exchange for their committment to make a market in these products. There are no such programs in place for deep, liquid markets like the ES or Eurodollar futures.
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