Market Makers, love - hate relationship

Discussion in 'Trading' started by inf000, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. inf000


    I want to start a discussion about extremely important part of Markets

    The Makers

    is there such a thing as a good MM and a bad MM

    you bet you A$$ there is.

    good MMs provide liquidity

    bad MMs are actually fake MMs

    playing a virtual reality game like FXCM, GCI Trading, and countless others

    I wonder how many people know that your run of the mill FX broker is not actually executing trades at all

    its a CLOSED virtual reality game

    game where you loose
  2. Now thats an intersting post...
  3. But really then the object is to beat the game. of that there can be no doubt. so the trick is in realising your playing...
  4. inf000


    my knowledge is vast indeed...

    if you are long term player,

    and if you are willing to move on

    is the only way to beat fake MMs