Market maker margins

Discussion in 'Options' started by just21, May 25, 2005.

  1. just21


    How do you get better margins for equity and index options? Do you have to lease a seat?

  2. just21


    I ask as there is a 34 lot in ndx 1750 june calls .05 bid just waiting to be hit but has a margin requirement of 521K.
  3. ktm


    That may be someone buying to close. It's very dangerous to sell those. You would rarely see MMs selling nickels this far out.
  4. just21


    Someone sold 30 of them. I got filled on my bid for some 1700's, I was buying to turn some naked calls into a credit spread to reduce my margin from ridiculous levels. I wish there was some liquidity in the nq options.
  5. just21


    There back! The 34 lot in the June 1750 calls 0.05 bid