Market loves Bad Econ #'

Discussion in 'Economics' started by EqtTrdr, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. Sorry , but this is just insane how the market rallies on bad (could have been econ numbers lately...

    When you see these buy programs come in on bad #'s you know for a fact the PPT is at work..

    This sucks arse!

  2. dgmodel

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    i can only laugh to keep from crying... i am still profitable for my morning shorts however that run up took a good chunk... i just do not understand this mkt...
  3. badmax


    YOU JUST HAVE TO GO SHORT AGAIN AT A HIGHER LEVEL THEN. For me we will see the low of yday today then bounce to the high of mid march
  4. It's simple, market moves in a channel -- buy low sell high, again and again!!

    Actually I got my d*ck chopped off on that quick rise, but "did" short again and made everything back and then some.

    These days the market seems to set it's hi and lo fairly early so in way the a-holes on that commercial have a point (LOL).

    Spooz stopped like clockwork at Pivot (877-ish) just now.

  5. yeah no kidding. i was short from the open and then got away with a small loss...

    then i shorted higher, got a good fill, and then got pennied to death while trying to get short even higher on some beautiful rips that left me saying "WTF?"...with the new "i'm going to print outside the spread all the mofo time" routine, it would've made for some truly excellent fills...if i only could see the future...

    lol i wonder if the labranch news has inspired a new level of greed in the guy is being such a d!ckwad today.

    anyone else getting fenced to death by specialists a bit more than usual today?? they seem to be extra thieving today -- i just wish i could've taken part in some of the extreme rips, instead of getting pennied on them...

    i hope you guys are milking it better than me...
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    this is what truly boggles my mind... we run up on bad numbers... yet do not sell off on news that saddam is alive and well... wtf!?
  7. it tells me that there's something positive (for the US) going on that we are not yet aware of...

    be careful on the short side. i'm flat until after the saddam speech...

    i was having a hard time covering my shorts, FWIW
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    when saddam speech is please
  9. some iraqi guy is reading something right now? saddam's speech read by someone else? this is bogus.... is saddam dead?
  10. noon on al-queda, oops- i mean, al-jezeera TV
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