MARKET looks like a Option sellers DREAM

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  1. WHAT IS Happening. MARKET looks like a Option sellers DREAM anyone noticing last month and this as of till now...
    WILL NEATLY fall in a narrow range...

    broad indexes and most big stocks.. same darn range.. hence conservative strangles seller. will be reaping in again.
  2. Selling has proven to be a winner recently. But premiums were small (compared with earlier in the year) and that may have discouraged many from participating.

    I still buy insurance. just in case.

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    I was not trading options in 2000-2002 but wonder if the same type of atmosphere will prevail for a while. High volatility, see-sawing.
  4. No one knows that for sure I guess.
  5. spindr0


    It is the way it is until it isn't.
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    That pretty much sums it all up. :)
  7. reason i mentioned this . is also that now comes the earnings season. and it will start to rock the boat violently..

    but most stocks which will declare results after next friday. have been calm and range bound...

    this is the calm before the storm

    welcome to earnings season.

    I ran a finviz search. optionable and have 500 million + mkt cap.. there are 1100 companies declaring the coming 30 days.

    oh boy, we have a lot of upcoming work. he he
  8. I have not been selling options for a while. Premiums not enough for my tastes.

    I wish the old days were back.
  9. MARKET looks like a Option sellers DREAM...

    until it doesnt.
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    Do you perceive a major move in the markets or as compared to say the last 12 month average etc. or perhaps something altogether different?


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