Market is waiting for Lunch hour to drop

Discussion in 'Trading' started by saxon22, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. It seems to me that the market is waiting for the lunch hour to make its move. Looks like a small correction is coming. Nothing major just a little bit to enjoy the upcoming weekend. :D
  2. saxson:

    How goes the futures trading, my friend?
  3. S2007S


    you mean to make its move higher....
  4. i have been stopped out 2 time on a short position
    Hoping for my last trade does not stop out
  5. gov


    This is near month end, so I think maybe it goes back up into the close, albeit much more slowly than earlier this week. Just a guess re: window dressing, but that's my thought. Long now but kinda hoping to stop out and take the day off... like watching paint dry, but watch I must.
  6. Market is actually waiting for me to take profits before it drop.
  7. So far the ES is in mid air. I was under the impression that it would slip more, so far ..... nada. Still 30 minutes to go before lunch is over.


  8. So far roughly $1200 up since I started last week. Happy with the results. Thanks for asking.
  9. gov


    Looks like the chop and pop, maybe the chop and drop, gap and snap or gap and crap crap-n-snap.... :D Must be Friday.
  10. You da man! That's a nice little return on your initial investment!
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