Market is not normal.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by businessstaxes, Sep 30, 2010.

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    and that is the problem. up 10% in a month on straightline.

  2. Hahaha very funny.

    When the market crashes they say it is not normal, when the market rallies they say it is not normal. Maybe people expect the market to stagnate all the time :D

    Wait, even when the market stagnates they say it lacks volatility and bad for trading. Looks like we have fundamentally abnormal markets :D
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    in normal market you get smooth lines,,this is psychotic lines. this market psycho. neurotic..that crash on may 6 is an anomoly. two anamolies. which has not occurred in years.

  4. I'd argue the opposite. The "smooth lines" indicate a bias, not a normality.
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    "NEW" Normal. What is normal anyway?
  6. Wow, this is one of the best new words I have ever heard!!!! "ABNOMALY"!!!! With your kind permission, Senor BT, I'll be using that left, right and center from now on. Thanks!
  7. Market is not normal.

    Yeah, you're absolutely right! Market is not normal - As usual!

  8. You just outed yourself as a poser.
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    How about .... Obamaly. This is somehow his fault.
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    I think you know what the people talks about... when you see candle sticks charts you will have an answer. big candles and no true move says that the trading is made by High Frequency Trading Computers and small candles with true move are made by real buyers or sellers... This is simple and we are looking for this to earn the bills. Try to daytrade EWZ you will get what HFT can do... Normally EWZ is somehow correlated with S&P but somehow its not. Moves are blocked pushed opposite directions and then after few minutes of frustration it follows (but not always) and this unknown is abnormal... means that the human cant guess (even its 50/50) what the etf will do. You think trend lines or support resistance levels or any indicator will turn probability for your benefit ... well I was wrong maybe you are better.
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