Market Is In Confirmed Rally Mode- Investors Business Daily

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    You know what that means? What I posted on Sunday full 3 days ahead of IBD ( See my post extremely risky shorting this market)when I saw Friday's turnaround and the massive buy program that hit your little shorting asses- burning them to hell and beyond..

    This is the first time, IBD a connservative voice in investing, lead by WILLIAM O NEIL, has turned bullish in 2008. So far they have been carrying the caption " market in correction mode" donot buy, even though NASDAQ flashed a follow through day on Feb 13, 2008.

    I argued vehemently with them , but they didnot change it till now.

    What it means, shorts you will burn in hell! Stop looting American wealth little ....pieces of garbage..
  2. you are a mean person:(
  3. Why?
  4. Is there anyone you don't argue with?
  5. IF you keep stalking the thread with nonsense you will be talked down.

    Why donot you rebutt me with some intellectual argument? Give me some Technical market

    I have called upon you many times, but you disappear like a pussy.
  6. jjk2


    troll thread. moving on.

    the biggest wave of defaults haven't come yet. then you emo bitches will come and whine why you lost your shirts

    well shit, you are asking for it

    also i wonder how there is a "confirmed" rally. what is it? how do you know? can you bet your testicles on it?
  7. "donot" is not a word. Try the spacebar. Its the longest key on your keyboard. Take a moment to locate it.
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    im short america for long run.

    all empires must fall and new ones rise.
  9. please tell me what you are long - I will put on an opposing short tomorrow morning - nothing will give me more satisfaction than taking YOUR wealth :)

    PS - I noticed Kudlow's fly was down tonight (tsk, tsk)

  10. Whats a troll here? Do you know who IBD is ? Do you know who WILLIAM O NEIL is? Why donot you subscribe and read. Many sophisticated market investors do.

    You just keep shorting and hope your account closes next month.
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