Market is down on the eve of Judgment Day May 21, 2011

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  1. f00l, you read it
  2. Fool ?

    Hey ... Shemale, how much is large your ass now ?
  3. Harold Camping is duchbag, hide behind cloak of Christian radio show and induced mass public fear, when will government shut him down? If someone tried suicide today, I hope their family would sue him. He is not real Christan.
  4. d1cky - you think therefore you are!
  5. If Harold's still sitting in his living room wondering why his 6 pm flight didn't happen, he's got some serious issues to ponder. Like why he was not "chosen" to fly ? I wonder if he frantically called his friends at 6:15 pm to see if they were still on earth ? I wonder what the normal protocol is on "Rapture"'s, how long do you wait before calling ?

    Harolds becoming an expert now at calling the end of the world and then living through it.
  6. rew


    Judgment day came and went and I missed it.

  7. "Hey you bastards, I'm still here..."

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  8. My plan for next week : week close < week open.
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