Market is down! Get out while you can!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by noddyboy, Dec 21, 2006.

SPX down or up from here till year-end?

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  1. Up

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  2. Down

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  1. The sky is falling!
  2. Flame me! I am the last bear!
  3. No your not
  4. Are you a bear? We could save the species if you are female.
  5. Elliottwave and Crawford newsletters, both superbears, are both stopped out.

  6. The drop is here! What should we do?! Sell and pay taxes or wait?

  7. AAPL just broke 50 days MA. Where are the trendfollowers?
  8. Tums


    I thought you were a dog, not a bear?
    (or was it the market?)
  9. I am making so much money I don't have time to post!

    The trend is your friend! AAPL GS DOWN DOWN DOWN!
  10. were is bluestreak and myminitrading to chime in ??
    #10     Dec 21, 2006