Market is celebrating

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NoMoreOptions, May 12, 2003.

  1. that this country is going to broke. And everyone will become a creditor. Come and get one of your shares. Cheers.
  2. klutz


    No prizes for figuring who's short


    I'll be short SOMETIME this afternoon. Maybe now ... seems to be a slight pullback.
  4. LOL !
  5. minimi


    You are wrong. I was long since Mar. 11. by following Genius Patriot Bob Brinker. I know he's been temendously right by calling bull market on political events although he was wrong in the 2000 elections. But hey, a war cannot be different.

    Now sitting on huge profit and when I post this thread, my feeling is that U.S. $ is becoming crap like Yan. Everyone takes small or large share from this country. Honestly I don't care a damn. I just want my profit.

  6. toby


    Once a successful options, futures and stocks trader is joining your country going to broke!!!!

    Market is celebreting......