market is all over the place

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    down 100 up 100 now up 36
  2. gwac


    Check out CEG
  3. get some news, FED AIG bailout possibility

  4. AIG news? I actually went long but sold it too soon.
  5. ?.............PPT? :confused:
  6. S2007S


    The possibility has been with AIG the last few days....its getting old..
  7. Barclays is buying out Lehman's capital markets group and investment banking unit for $2 billion.

    also, there is HUGE buyingin the OIH and it is really having an impact on the SPX.

    5% move in 10 minutes (OIH)

    Oil service and commodity stocks are going BALLISTIC!!!!

  8. ElCubano


    AIG doing the mexican jellybean....sheesh...put a leash on her
  9. Fresh news about it released at ~ 2:38 EST today

  10. S2007S


    The market is moving so crazy that even my limit orders arent going through with ease. However the last fills have been better for me, sometimes 50 cents higher.
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