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  1. General, Sir.

    I will not be taking part in your original thread anymore. The original thread was spot on, and put forward in an interesting and intuitive manner, which is a rare occurance on ET.

    Thankyou, for your time and efforts.


    O-1 Dackster.
  2. The General

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    0-1 Dackster-

    The atomic bomb has cleared the weak minded and left only those who know how to survive.

    No more special training will be given to any troops-as all troops must learn that time can be an ally-or an enemy.

    From now on troops must work very hard if they want any special training-no work-no training.

    MI is indeed a good title for this thread-as it is very rare indeed.

    When the monkeys arrive-we will ignore them-as this drives them completely mad-which is what we want.

    If any real traders arrive-we will engage with them to discuss tactics and maps-but I am not expecting many at all-very few in fact.

    Good thread soldier-it deserves 5 stars.

    The General

  3. General, Sir.

    I did not intend this thread as a continuation of your original thread. I stated that i would not post on the original thread because of the monkeys with thier plastic rifles and funny little uniforms.

    If you would like to continue on this thread, then you have my full commitment.

    All monkeys ignored!


    O-1 Dackster.
  4. The General

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    O-1 Dackster-

    There are no set rules-as in trading-this is just another part of the "fools gold" that is offered to the weak minded.

    In a previous coded message-you mentioned that most battles were alike-with just subtle differences.

    This of course-will depend on the terrain-as some have clear maps-and others do not.

    As you have experienced-a map of a mountainous region is not the same as a map of a flatland region.

    Map reading is a rare skill-and the soldiers who excel at map reading will find themselves in the best position when the smart bombs start to explode.

    Signing off for now.

    The General
  5. General, Sir.

    All battles in the war have a certain nature, as you know fully well. There are certain dicrepencies within the individual battles, combatants who are forced into a 'spent ammo' situation by the HFs, create the discrepencies.

    O-1 Dackster

    Over and Out.
  6. topherea


    You know how I rate a movie... by how many times I look at my watch. If I look at it one time, the movie is pretty darn good. Twice, well good but let's speed it up a bit. Three, four or more.... I think you get the picture. The reality is there are several (multitudes) of ways to make $$ in the markets. Telling people not to read and learn is essentially saying that your way is the only way and to not creatively develop their own way. Feeling me G? Unless, of course your movie was hoped to be followed by those who were mindless, which, I think that's delusional on your part. My suggestion, write your script prior to putting on the screen. Anyway, I'm going to get some more popcorn...
  7. General, Sir.

    The Orangutans have an attitude of, 'every which way but loose'. Apparently, a combatant can do whatever they please, just as long as they are happy. (battlefield paradox)

    I don't like this attitude Sir, it needs to be stamped out, but i fear it is an attitude ingrained deep within the ape psyche.


    O-1 Dackster.
  8. The General

    The General Guest


    Most will try the hard way-some will survive but never get any medals-some will survive with the loss of one or more limbs-and some will die a slow and painful death.

    The group that one chooses to learn from-will make or break him-so it is always better to pick the Elite group.

    You and I know that very few will pick the Elite group-as they think it does not exist-but they are of course very very wrong.

    Let us be proven wrong this time-what odds do you want?

    The General
  9. The General

    The General Guest


    Many so called "pro traders" think that the HF's are the ones to follow-as they carry the smart bombs.

    They spend many hours trying to work out their path on the maps-a futile effort indeed.

    Long may they think that way.

    They-of course-are blind to one very simple important tactic that the HF's use-all of the time.

    The General
  10. General sir.

    I am bleeding sir. I need some intel sir. Reveal the tactic before it is to late for me sir. I am seeing the light sir. I need help ASAP.
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