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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by The General, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. The General

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    This thread is for those who want to "move on" from where they are.

    No idiots will be entertained-so piss off before you arrive.

    For those with the balls-this is a chance to develop and change your trading for the better.

    Again-all are welcome-regardless of experience-as very little experience can be a major advantage for some-but if you are a time waster-I will tell you again-you can fuk off and go and annoy someone else-trading is not for children-"OK".

    The General
  2. LEAPup


    I'm willing to learn. I have an open mind, and hopefully don't fall into the idiot categorie.
  3. The General

    The General Guest

    Some ground rules.

    1. Think before you ask.
    2. State the facts-no bullshit as you only fool yourself.
    3. State what market you trade-no time for guessing.
    4. Be polite to others-except the idiots who will stand out.
    5. Get some money-you can't trade without it-$2K will suffice if you are just starting-as I will show you how to make money with that amount-and it will not cost you a cent-you have my promise on that now-but-I will do it my way-as I see fit-so like it or lump it-that is how it will be.

    6.Last but not least-put away all of your books and courses-delete all the pdf's you have accumulated over the last few years-NOW-as they are all bullshit and only hinder your progression as a profitable trader.

    The General
  4. pspr


    OK, Gen. Now that you've slapped us around a little, lets see the meat.
  5. LEAPup


    Sounds like no nonsense rules to me!
  6. Sir, Yes sir!
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  7. The General

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    I will show what I need to show-no more or no less.

    Why-you may ask?

    Because I can-that is why.

    It will become apparent to those who participate-what is what-but as mentioned-I do it my way-like it or lump it.

    I may post 3 days in a row-I may not post for a week-or maybe even a month-that is how it will be.

    The best way to get me to post-is to ask the best questions-like computers-rubbish in-rubbish out.

    The General
  8. The General

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    OK ivan- I have silenced a good few of your comrades in the past-for good-so this will be the first and last post to you-and your like.

    Fuk off-no children allowed-"OK".

    The General
  9. And your credentials?
  10. LEAPup


    General, what are you trading?

    Index Futures, Options?
    #10     Jun 18, 2009