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  1. Athere any decent (and inexpensive) sites that post some of the key (but more obscure) market indicators like Ansbacher, OEX put/call and non-interest-sensitive A/D lines?
    (I already know about stockcharts and I don't believe it has any of the above.)
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    For which markets?

    Joe Barry
  3. Not free, but is the best website for indicators that I have ever seen.

    I generally refuse to pay for anything except realmoney, a squawkbox and them, because there is so much free commentary out there, but astrikos is the real deal.

    They have some astrological stuff which I don't follow and some people will ridicule, but let them. Their indicators (they call them "tells") are the best of seen. Sort of like a real time (or daily anyway) traders almanac type thing.

  4. I'm interested for now in U.S. Equity.

    And I'll check out astrikos.
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    astrikos has a great free page with lots of info on prem, trin, vix and much more that updates frequently . Are there things on the paid site that are superior to the free site for e-mini trading? But I've also noticed that the numbers can be different than what I get from my brokers and I don't which are more accurate.
  6. Access the Market Tells subscriber website absolutely free and with no
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  7. thanks for
  8. used to be a good deal

    but they have went thru some changes the last few years.

    Do not list a concise past records of their tells anymore and other places are now cheaper for this type of info.

    also there two week trial does not include two weeks of market action, so please dont get caught in this one by signing up on a weekend
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