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Discussion in 'Trading' started by man, Nov 19, 2002.

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    having 14.000 people subscribed, i wonder if in some market segments ET in itself becomes a market mover. does any one have experience or some idea about that? i feel that i am willing to share my experiecen and what i am doing as long as i do not kill my ideas by sharing them.

    connected to this i wonder how many organisations like ET are out there. who are they and what are they doing? when did they start and how many people are in there?

    actually i have no idea if i am offending ET by starting such a thread. do i???
  2. What market impact could ET possibly have? It's a discussion forum, not a chatroom.
  3. TSaimoto

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    Impact? Close to none...

    Unless you have 10+ institutions in here...

    We rarely talk about what market to trade and when...
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    I hope you are right. But consider you were a hedge fund manager, running a billion doallr in a stock trading operation. wouldn't you dedicate a handfull of people just to find out what all these tiny traders are doing, experimenting, exploring? for me there are many ideas published in ET that might not make too much sense for a small trading book, but maybe for a big team that can explore all possible effects within days.
    If I managed such a fund I would constantly try to know what is going on out there. And daytrading is a very tough, very fast reacting business - so people living in that segment must be smart enough to make their know how attractive.

    By the way, if you are referring to specific intraday positions, I completely agree, there will not be any impact at all. But I am more referring to things like the openingRangeStrategies, like those described by Don Bright. I am unwilling to believe, that there is an edge, which you can publish to a wide audience without reducing that edge.

    Actually I did not intend to bring too much doubt herein. I just read about these 14.000 registered users and wanted to know if anybody ever experienced or had the feeling to experience an impact. Best news would be just posts like yours ...

  5. man


    glad to hear that. Actually, does anybody know a rough number of market participants? how many people are day trading the US stock market?
    honestly speaking I have no idea if this number will be ten- or a hundredthousand. are there statistics on that?