Market Hours before holiday

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  1. Is the market closing early today? What about next week December 31?
  2. catman


    Market closes at 1 p.m. today
  3. bobcathy1

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    CME closes 12:15 both days too.
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  5. prox


    1 pm est for 24th and 31st. Closed 25th and 1st. Everything else is normal.
  6. ler


  7. 1:00 pm NASDAQ and NYSE

    1:02 pm OneChicago

    1:15 pm NQLX and Globex

    1:30 pm ACE

    3:00 pm Brut

    3:30 pm Instinet, Btrade, Arca

    5:00 pm Island

    11:59 pm Santa's Workshop
  8. qdz


    Watch out massive move when liqidity is low at close, like the day before Thanksgiving. Good luck

  9. No massive moves so far. It's like watching grass grow, only slower.
  10. qdz


    Yeah, it is slow now. But just around the closing bell on the day before Thanksgiving, futures suddenly swing 20 points or so. Although stocks did not moved dramatically, options did similiar shocks.


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