market has lost its mind today

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by silk, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. silk


    I am really not happy with it today. EOG $99 SWN $50 MEE $44....Lets see how that plays out for them.

    Sure its cold outside. But NG is still $5's and it took $9 to get them to these prices last year. Now there is infinite supply of the stuff in the Shale.
  2. us cap and tax laws and world climate/un wealth transfer tax will at least triple cost of all energy. smart money getting in now. why do you think xom bought out xto. imo
  3. XOM-XTO deal, last week's big NG withdrawal number, the big snowstorm on the east coast and now the big one in the midwest, maybe some end of year window dressing, all came together at once. While I doubt anyone is paying attention, the rise in the NG strip gives producers who held off hedging the opportunity to lock in 2010 at pretty attractive prices.

    Shale producers are only drilling enough to hold their leases. At some point that will hit supply, as shale wells have a parabolic rate of decline.
  4. You guys crack me up. We had 3" of actual additionally we had wind gust of 85mph....which created drifts of 5" and 6."

    The answer? HEAT PUMPS