market going up like things are booming... but USA in 'Death Spiral'

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We will crash in September - October

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  3. this time its different

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  1. Amazing moves in the market... reminds me of years ago when the US economy was actually in pretty good shape. Guess with so many suckers in America and the World today without a single clue about life, economics, finances etc... and programmed to believe that Government will solve all their problems... you can sell them [the "crowd"] anything at any time. This includes brainless mutual fund managers.

    Start positioning for a nice crash lower... in September - October.

    By the way, I like when markets go up but just can't stand a hustle by hedge fund scum, HFTs, Fed and the like.
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    like ---- things--- are booming [not thing]
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    iceman1, are you aware that this is an election year? It is a bit to early for the pre-election rally to start, but who knows?

    If you are trading short term , you must forget about reality and the news and just go with the market (or against it like a market maker) whatever your style. Be patient, the market will come to you.

    I don't think i'm telling you anything you don't know, so why your post?
  4. Sh*t... Were gonna crash. Four votes no vs two yes put the odds twice as much on a crash...

    If the masses think were going to go up were definitely not going to go up.
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    I stopped reading

    About there. I heard the sky was falling so many times I bought a para-glider and took a trip up there to check it out, its quite soft.
  6. There is no "death spiral" because if it becomes probable again the FED will act, whether some like it or not. Europe is on a "death spiral", not the US.
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    the US consists of 50 Greeces- the states +a federal government which is going broke. the fed can only print money. it cannot solve the structural and fiscal issues that the US suffers from overspending and over regulation.

    do yourself a favor by taking a reality check.
  8. "Fitz-Gerald also warns of a period of devastating inflation."

    the markets are saying this is nonsense.
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    We've been in a suckers rally for quite a while, we're in a secular bear market. Currently, earnings are not supporting the stock increases, employment is not supporting the idea that we are in an expansion at all.
  10. Market is currently rallying based upon the perception of short-term positive effects of Central Bank actions/promises to act... especially now that Draghi has caved and joined in.

    IOW... Economic/political negatives don't matter because the CBs "have the market's back"...

    The market's problem in recent months has been Europe... "What if Greece/Spain ________"?, "What if the EU breaks up?", "What if the Euro dissolves"?, etc.

    Draghi has renounced the ECB's "restrictions and restraints" and has joined in with Bubble Ben... virtually saying, "we will do everything we can...". That is, they will print money, extend credit, buy up lousy assets, etc... just as Bernanke has done.

    None of this fixes anything, of course... and in fact, will make the market fall worse than it would have been... but the collapse will be LATER... perhaps 2-3 years later... and perhaps those responsible will be dead and won't have to face the consequences of their short-sightedness and greed.

    So... in the short run, "DAMN THE TORPEDOES... All Hail The Central Banks".

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