market going red today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by midniteeuropa, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. if market closes in red territory today, there will be a heavier sell off tomorrow.

    FAZ is looking good right now, but maybe better after FASB m2m news.
  2. maybe, maybe not. stop guessing
  3. ElCubano


    and if i had studied in college i'd be a lawyer....:D
  4. lol all monday's losses will be recovered today

    this is a dip buy market
  5. You probably never heard the term 'window dressing.'

  6. Yet another stupid thread thrown into the abyss.
  7. you are a dip buying market
  8. We need another thread category, Ivan:

    Useless and Random Predictions about instrument X that will be higher/lower/about the same Y days/weeks/months/years from now. Please vote!!!!
  9. Actually, nice call OP - what a shitty close.

    Stockturder3 went all in at +190, as usual.