Market goes 100% high without Microsoft's FAT greed

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by QdzResurrection, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. Short Microsoft now and you won't be regretted. Microsoft is just desperately bringing any unethical money for their upcoming revenue shortfall, huge huge shortfall. I am afraid FAT fee won't save them.

    So America could not break Microsoft, but itself eventually will resolve. God bless it happens, cheers and see.

  2. Few corporation will be hit by this fee (only camera manufacturer), because Stick, Flash or Compact Memory will be delivery without FAT (blank media). The user will have to format it before to his first use as any floppy, not a big challenge in this case and completely legal.

    Now, does camera builder will do a trial against MS for a monopolistic practice because they have waiting a long time before to announce this fee, at a moment that De Facto this is a standard in the camera, maybe and why not another trial.
  3. msNBc just reported that a descendant of Nuton discovered a document of the ancestor which reserved all right of his intellectual properties. So, unfortunately, we have to pay the lucky bustard loyalty fee now.