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  1. ZaydenZ


    Excellent courses from Market Gauge available for fraction of the cost.

    AM Trader by Market Gauge
    D.A.T.E - Trading DNA workshop
    ETF Trading Strategy
    Slingshot Setups
    Triple Play Trading
    Nasdaq 100 - All Stars

    I have followed Market Gauge for 3 years and have made money last 2 years. I have now created my own indicators based on these robust courses and have been profitable. Finally decided to put these up.
  2. ascheer7


    How much are you asking for these?
  3. algofy


    How much money last two years?
  4. ZaydenZ


    I have had high double digit returns. Albeit the account size isn't in high 6 digits but the insteument is conceptually sound.

    Nothing happens without working hard to craft your skill. Most importantly need to understand the nuances behind the concept.

    This course or any other course to that matter can not make anyone successful without truly working at it and backtesting the approach. There is NO Course on the internet can teach anyone how to trade consostanly profitable in 30 days. Period.

    This course doesn't shorten the learning curve but nice put things in perspective for one to grasp and move forward.

    Opening Range 30 Concept is very simple yet no one really teaches it because everyone wants to fill in with Fluff.

    Most educational companies can't trade themselves and 99% of the time re-brand, re-purpose and fluff the courses to make them look sexy.

    At the end, you get the course here and perhaps save 90% of the cost and it has negative consequences because one can easily take the cost for granted and not take it as seriously as paying full sticker price.

    Hope this helps. I've purchased and watched a lot of courses and I can tell you the longer the course the less effective it is because the course will be monologue and it will lose viewers attention. My two cents.
  5. ranishabi


    i wanted to ask if these courses are still available, and at what cost
    furthermore, you wrote that you have created your own market gauge indicator, is that for sale as well.
    i will be very appreciative for a reply

  6. 2Veasnar


    I find the D.A.T.E-Trading DNA workshop an excellent workshop and want to know more about the others. If they still available, how much are you asking, please?
  7. I would also like more details.
  8. can you let me know the cost.
    do you have the real motion indicator?
    any thoughts on it?
  9. QuickTick


    Can you let me know if this is still available and the cost? Thanks