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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by John_Doe, May 3, 2011.

  1. John_Doe


    For those who say don't buy precious metals because the market fundamentals aren't favourable, then does that mean the market fundamentals are favourable for buying the dip?
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    Reply to John/Trend;
    Well sure, glance @ fund-amentals,funds, institutional buying;
    but as a trend desiciple/student=yes ,probably scale in . The old trading tradition ,sell in may...make hay,,while the sun shines , may sell a bit more. Actually tried to buy some today, cash, but the sellers simply want to much money /bid ask:D

    Besides ;
    I have to get a good bid /ask & good customer service.
    & dont be in any hurray, says murray.

    Long term trend[cash] is in great shape[200dma+/area ...];
    so scale in slow is a go. Futures contract buy now??-NO way

    Helped, years ago, mr Goldste** carry commoddities from grain elevator, to grain elevator;not only is MISS river at flood stage,
    always takes more time to sTop them /anything]downbound/downstream.LOL

    :cool: If you like silver fundamentals;
    china coin, has a panda bear on it ........................................:cool: