Market expert and analyst, Charles Nenner, predicts all hell for 2008

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    Market expert and analyst, Charles Nenner, predicts all hell for 2008 today on CNBC.

    Nenner, who claims to have come up with a mathematical model able to predict economic cycles, growth and recession, declared today his prediction for 2008 to be a grim one, a year "difficult to make money in".
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  2. I predict Charles Nenner is a fuck'n idiot.
  3. I watched this clown on CNBC yesterday.

    Didn't he claim he NEVER had a losing trade?

    Another russian charlatan
  4. I don't think a "prediction" is necessary in this case. :D
  5. This last week of up moves are a gift.

    Smart money bought the last dip we had.

    Smart money has sold out of most of their positions in todays push.

    There may be a little left on the table however, this run up before the fed indicates, rate cut built in. Happy it came, easy to sleep now.

    It's the Economy Stupid. 08 is going to be worse than HELL for most. Pink slips await.

    There could be a nice move sometime next year to the downside. Possible push through 12000.

    So what this guy is predicting" is nothing new.
  6. He does look a little like an idiot but business cycles (please don't imply I know any dates) don't go away just because China has had a few good years.
  7. I think he's right. HOWEVER, man I hate the sound of him. What a moron.
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    How would this affect anyone on this board? It may affect aunt Milly and her portfolio, but the only way it affects any of us is if it goes sideways all year.

    The chances of that are slim. I think this economy is at the crossroads in terms of politics, economics, trade, dollar volatility etc.

    I think 08 should be a pretty volatile year. I wouldn't mind seeing the sky come crashing down. Lets bring the Dow back down to 8500, Comp 1800. That would be fantastic. The buy side has to put their money somewhere which will show in some non-cyclical sectors (booze, tobacco).

    Anything but sideways.
  9. those snippets alone mark him as a stuffed shirt full of himself. Predict? Claim.... lol...
  10. saw this guy on cnbc today and was intrigued. decided to go back and see if there were any threads, thought this was pretty funny.
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