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  1. This may seem like a silly topic to some, but I'm interested to see if anyone has had any similar experiences.

    Most every night I have dreams about doing TA and market reasearch, etc. which is natural seeing as how this is my passion and I spend most of my free time doing it.

    But there are a couple of dreams that stand out like a sore thumb..

    You could definately call them lucid. very vivid with details.

    One of them was very simple, but extremely vivid.
    Just the ticker symbol (bond futures) and the weekly high TICK. Only it was 4 days in advance! (prices went up and stopped at that price to the TICK, then fell the following week)

    Another one was last spring, the night before a greenspan rate cut announcement.
    I dreamt that my Mind was the Globex Router..

    It was straight out of The Matrix..
    It was SO vivid.
    all incoming orders were registered in my Mind.
    everything was orderly and smooth, and then
    I saw a tornado-like vortex approaching.
    then it hit me.. a HUGE vortex of BUY ORDERS.
    The total chaos of BUY, BUY, BUY

    the next day at the announcement, the S&Ps ran up 16 points in like 5 minutes.

    Recently I had another lucid dream

    I was short the stock index futures, and all of a sudden it was running up against me big time, and I couldn't get out
    and it kept going up and up and up
    through the roof.
    I was in total shock (I was wiped out for sure)
    I was watching the news on tv and I saw VIVIDLY,
    shots of traders on the floor in *ecstacy*
    they were the exact opposite of images from 1987.

    then a few minutes (?) later the price came all the way back down and I got out at even.

    Is this a "futuristic" dream?
    or just my worst nightmare..

    any comments?


    This is wierd.
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    Without going into details, it happens. Please don't ridicule the guy.
  5. I've had similar ones where the level 2 screen went into chaos as everyone bought, and I just kept pouding the retail buy keys.....SUNW went up 3 dollars as these price level on the left kept going 'fffftttt!!!' - three hundred times!!! I remember I had to retail out for a 30,000 gain!
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    While I have never had messages in the visual form of dreams, I have had similar experiences in non-visual fashion.

  7. Sorry, I meant the levels on the right!!!
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    Platypus, maybe after all the research your mind put "two and two together" while you were asleep. If it was me I would watch for an unbelievably big spike for the next few days, a real ripper, call it confirmation if it occurs, and double up my short position when it starts to reverse (with tight stops). Big spikes have a tendency to snap back.
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    I don't find it strange. I have these types of dreams but I don't act on them without other indications. As for distinguishing between the prophetic dreams and non prophetic...I once read studies that stated the ones which occur in black and white are prophetic and the ones which occur in color serve some other purpose. Is there truth to this? I dunno.
  10. Thanks for the responses

    Rigel wrote: Platypus, maybe after all the research your mind put "two and two together" while you were asleep.

    I agree with this in general, but in these particular dreams there was "something else going on" (woo.. woo.. woo.. miss cleo lol)
    An interesting tidbit that I left out of the bond-to-the-tick dream:
    At that time I had never studied bond charts at all. I didn't even know the price range that it traded in. I just recognized the ticker symbol.

    Lavish: interesting idea about the colorization thing. as for me, i don't think i've ever dreamt in black and white. I can't even imagine it..

    As for acting on this stuff, in real life i would probably use it like I would an MACD Divergence or something.. lol
    i would definately use it more for the Fear side of the Fear/Greed Equation.

    SilverBullet, sounds like you had a day traders wet
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