Market down 1%, evil long sellers!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kashirin, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. SEC must immediately forbid long sells

    you can sell only after your death
  2. New SEC rule you can only buy. If you are already long you are not allowed to sell.

    And of course no short selling.
  3. zwib


    this is crazy. people are selling stocks. it must be stopped.
  4. LOL!
  5. There are some countries which don't allow short selling and still get the crap kicked out of them... like China? Maybe Russia?

    Could be "fundamental crapola" will win out, regardless... the only difference being the explosiveness of the downside.. ??

    BTW... in spite of Gummint claims, the "fundamentals" in the US are REALLY BIG CRAPOLA!!!
  6. futuman


    If nobody can sell what would you buy?
  7. ONly companies and govt can sell the stock and public can only buy them

  8. Ramp up the printing presses for god's sake!!!!!
  9. wjk


    I remember one of the first big sell offs of the current downtrend. I was long 1000 Q's. Took me .50 to get out. $500 in "slippage". Nobody was buying. No new rules, etc. Now with the shorting rules, there will be a lack of covers to slow sell offs. With no covering, and no buying interest, I wonder just how hard it will be to get out of instruments that are far less liquid then something like the Q's. Never thought that could happen in the Q's.

    New rules give me a whole new insight into the old axiom "sell into strength".
  10. You fool, people can sell but cannot short sale. Learn a few things before posting foolishness.
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