market disconnections

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Yuguru, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Yuguru


    I am going crazy or has every bit of data and news positive for equities, regardless of previous years of data stating otherwise.

    1)Dollar weakens = great for stocks
    2)Interest rate dive, but no indcation from Fed of an 2007 lowering = great for equities
    3) Oil prices rise great for oil stocks(above summer highs) and great for overall market.. not even a downtick after oil rises 10% in 5 days.

    it just seems that everything is spun positive, kind of like everything this summer was negative. If this market is driven by what I think (rookies with cash) then 2007 is going to see some blood bath days. Where are the days of smart managers making prudent market decisions.

    I see stocks run up faster than down,not the norm. And buying the first rally of the day has been the easiest trade of my life time for the last month.

    someone set me str8 so I stop getting my stocks called away!!
  2. Im with you. Nothing makes sense but the trend is still intact. Normally when you can buy the 10:30 dip and ride it all day that arb soon leaves and doesnt work. Somthing is really not right in this market. I know follow the trend but you "must" (unless I didn't receive the news that it is now illegal to have a down day) have some type of correction. Good luck
  3. Money is being lent to people without a care in the world. There is no credit risk. as Eqt says. "100 percent risk free"