Market devastated by Unified Dems Candidate

Discussion in 'Politics' started by QdzResurrection, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Today is a devastating day in the history of financial market. How many times do you see NASDAQ composite index dropped 50 points while Dow Jones Industry dropped only about 40? This is a clear message sent to the country and the world that the capital world is worried by a unified front of Democratic Party. A strong Dems candidate who threats or controls the White Hourse hurts high tech economy.
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    I don't believe it's that as much as sector rotation. I'm from Boston and trust me, as soon as people start seriously looking at this buffoon Kerry, Bush will breeze in. America is not ready for a botox using, french looking pres. This is the guy who helped make 9-11 happen by decimating our intelligence service. A Northeast, ultra left wing liberal vs Bush, the gods are truly kind.:D
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    I hope you're being sarcastic.
  4. Remember when the Nas was down 500 and the Dow up 300? Good times :)
  5. its somewhat of a seasonal pattern that techs sell off after 4th quarter earnings reports end.spring and summer is a slow time for tech spending and earnings will be unlikely to be an upside surprise. besides the qqq was up almost 100% from low to hi. what more do you expect. tech stocks are for trading not investing.
    what are you worried about. the market has 100% more to go up. i read that somewhere on elite. lol
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    Winston, for the sake of your financial health, I hope you don't analyze investment vehicles the way you do political figures.
  7. Wait until Mr. and Mrs. Middle America learn how Kerry, the great war hero, immediately backstabbed his fellow soldiers and started undermining and slandering them, hooked up with his first rich wife, ran around like Clinton on her, dumped her, then latched onto his dead best friend's mega rich wife. There is a word used to describe men who live off rich women and it isn't "President."
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    How about men who live off their family's ill-gotten gains, born with a silver spoon in their mouth?

    W is no great shakes.

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    You're funny. Try late night.:D