Market Depth on the Energy Contracts?

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  1. Hi,

    Hopefully someone more experienced than myself can fill me in on this - what is the typical pit level of market depth on the B/A at the market open and close on the following:


    I look at them on TWS but assume I'm only getting the thin electronic depth?


  2. Surdo


    That's actually funny, a guy does not stand in the Crude Pit and bid down 5 ticks!

    Anybody in the pit is either actually bidding/offering or playing pocket pool.

    el surdo
  3. during regular market hours there is good liquidity

    ( except when news hits the market or stops are run )

    but watch your arse during off hours

    last night in asian hours electronically for example

    30 ticks went in a flash !

  4. Pit volume is dead now and doesn't account for more than about 25-30% now of total daily volume. The GLOBEX platform is the shit now and why you see B/A at ticks instead of the .02 B/A we had before it. In actuality, ICE volume is greater than NYMEX pit=electronic volume, at least in natty. I don't see the ice crude volume.

    The reason that the most liquid time is still the pit hours is that the locals that accounted for about half of the daily volume still go to the floor, but now have handhelds that give them the option of electronic execution or they can do the trade in the pit.