Market Delta vs. CQG TradeFlow

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by futures_shark, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. CQG came out with a new chart type called Tradeflow that appears to serve the same purpose as the MarketDelta footprint chart. It's very different but still serves to inform whether offers are getting lifted or bids are getting hit.

    Does anyone have experience with both? I trialed Market Delta but didn't subscribe because I was using it with TT v6 and the data was unreliable. Orders were sometimes classified incorrectly. I was told that this is weakness with TT6 and not Market Delta. Other than that I liked the software but I would need to do more work to incorprorate it into my trade plan.

    Anyway I already subscribe to CQG I am planning on testing out these new Tradeflow charts. I just thought I'd check in and see if anyone here is using them or has tried them out.

    Any insight is appreciated.
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    Just my 0.02 cents.

    I use marketdelta but have never used cqg tradeflow. I saw the chart that CQG is offering and saw their demo. IMHO, I rather use marketdelta as it provides way more information than what CQG tradeflow is offering. However, it all depends on how you plan to use it. Also, if you are getting CQG tradeflow free, then maybe its not necessary to subscribe to marketdelta.
  3. CQG Tradeflow is not free but it's less than the cost of MarketDelta using the CQG data feed. I'm also going to check on the new X_Study application that comes free with TTv7. It also has some nice volume studies that correspond to the information presented by MarketDelta.

    I agree that Marketdelta displays the most information but since I need to incorporate this new information into my discretionary trading Iwant to make the best decision now so I don;t have to redo it in a few months. I've mostly been looking for a way to keep track of how much volume trades on the bid/ask and all the software shows this just in different ways.
  4. For those who might be interested in learning more about CQG's TradeFlow. I have a personal blog I post to each day and I include some TradeFlow charts (