market delta users??? Opinions??

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  1. I know many people that swear by market profile, how about market delta?

  2. I dont use market profile, but Market Delat is InvestorRt rebranded. Personally I love InvestorRT...

    I can be more detailed if you have specific question not related to the market profile charting functions....
  3. Use the search facility. There is a ton of stuff here.
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    I use it.

    It is a superior product. It distills visually the real useful part of the profile.

    IRT does not have it.
  5. Many moons ago, jimmi sloman inveneted marketdelta. does it really work? I remember reading abou tit in magazine. Can i use it to make money?

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    Does MarketDelta really work?

    Depends on your methodology and what you are using MD to provide.

    I use it successfully. I primarily daytrade. However, I sometimes trade options and even an occasional swing trade.

    I also know those who only use MD or MP as a "standalone" system -- meaning trading just from the information they obtain watching MP or MD -- no other indicators or even traditional charts.

    I use MD to tell me if the volume supports my entry. Not just total volume but whether the volume is aggressively trading at the bid or the ask. You can set the MD to also give you the profile info.

    Investor IRT is the original programmer of the software. The important distinction is the visual presentation. Dr. Linn recognized that, indeed, Market Delta had an Original and trademarked -- as well as patent pending change to market profile. So rather than get into a legal battle the two companies work separately but Investor RT does not provide a "Market Footprint".

    It is the Market Footprint that I use and find so valuable. MD is not cheap -- costs about 160.00 per month and then you also need a good data feed which is an additional cost. So it must work or you would not continue to pay for it. (you can try it for free for one month).

    If you need more info as to specifically how i use it then please PM me and i will discuss how i use it profitably.
  7. Does MD have the same charting function as IRT? So if I use MD I don't have to subscribe to IRT? Can MD also use IB data?
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    Yes you can use IB feed. However, for some applications the IB feed is not as good as other data providers.
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    Oh forget about your question as to charts.

    Yes both InvestorRT and MarketDelta have good charts.

    In fact i believe the charts are the same in both.
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