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    This thread is intended as a forum for Market Delta users who are transitioning from the existing platform to the new Investor/RT version.

    I've been using the old version of Market Delta for 6 months or so and was very pleased with it - quirks, bugs, performance issues and all. The ROI on my $70 per month has been phenomenal. At first I was somewhat pissed at being forced to move to the new Investor/RT platform - just what I need, another charting app right? However, on further investigation it began to look compelling. The ability to have my charts, Market Profile and Market Delta all on one platform is a significant step forward. Plus Investor/RT appears to be as feature rich and flexible as any app currently available.

    So I took the leap of faith this week and began implementing Investor/RT. It has been a bitter sweet experience to say the least.

    Let's use this forum to share our experiences and support one another.

    Knock yourselves out.

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    Bittersweet. I too recently switched over from Marketdelta to Investor R/T platform. I can see that there is so much more that Investor R/T can offer--that's the good part. The thing is that I'm having so much problems with it. Sometimes I am unable to download data, at times I can even though I'm downloading the same stocks etc and doing exactly the same style. My deltas are screwed up etc. I honestly do not know what is wrong. I'm actually thinking seriously of giving this up as I've wasted the past couple of days (not full days) on this. Trevor has been very responsive but he has not been able to solve my problems.

    Edit: Bolter, are you having any problems like I mentioned above? Thanks
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    So why do we need a thread on ET for this purpose? Because the alternative is the Market Delta Yahoo Group - which has had a whopping 2 posts so far this month. Moribund!

    Investor/RT has a fairly active user community with their integrated chat facility - but as Market Delta clients we are not entitled to participate. Similarly, I/RT's excellent support is not available for Market Delta clients - at least not directly.

    I/RT has alot of info on their website but most of it is poorly orgniased and sadly out of date. Their videos are superb but limited in number. Their documentation is is also very dated - one of the manuals was written in 1999 - with no obvious signs of ever being updated. All this is somewhat understandable - Linnsoft are a small player and their product is very comprehensive.

    But now we need find oursleves in a position where we are totally reliant on Trevor at Market Delta for first line support. He works tirelessly but is still learning the product just like us. And as far as I can tell he is a one-man-band.

    So maybe this thread can help bridge some of that gap during the transition.

    If any knows some very experienced I/RT users we could certainly use their participation on this thread.

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    I read your post in the emini S/R thread and it motivated me to start this thread - welcome aboard.

    Yes it has been nightmare for me also - but after 2-3 solid days I finally have a basic setup in place with most things working as I would expect - sort of, kind of, not really.

    If you have some specific issues/questions post them and somebody might able to help.

    As for the delta issues see my next post.

    All the best,
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    Thanks Bolter.

    Will do so (about the issues etc) but need to cool off a bit. I had to test the product during market hours as most of the time the data could not be downloaded off-hours--not sure why. Missed 1-2 very good opportunities for trading as a result. This explains partly my frustration:D

    Thanks also for starting this thread and letting me know that I'm not the only one facing this problem.
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    I spent quite alot of time validating the acuuracy of the original version of Market Delta and was completely satisfied with it's output. So naturally with the opportunity to run the old and new versions side-by-side one of my sanity checks was to compare the output of the two. My testing thus far has been very limited (I will conduct more next week), but I am quite surprised by the results. There appear to be material differences between the delta numbers.

    The best way to demonstrate this is to compare the Market Delta Indicator (which is the cumulative delta) over the course of day. The following is a screenshot of the MDI for the SGX Nikkei on friday. Compare the green bar chart on left with the green line on close on the right. They are dramatically different - way too much to ignore.


    Trevors reponse was "filters or computer performance". I'm not using filters and I have a high-end twin CPU workstation.

    Right now I am attempting to eliminate data differences as the culprit - I'll keep you posted.

  7. Bolter....Great thread (BillP...good idea!). :)

    I am using the Inv R/T with DTN.IQ feed and everything is working out great.
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    Many thanks. You raise a good point about datafeeds - this could be a factor because they are all different.

    I'm using eSignal, what about you billp?
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    Different bid and ask volume, very interesting, Bolter. I noticed that I haven't been using MD as much since I downloaded the new version. It hasn't "felt" right to me for some strange reason. I've also had problems with the MP charting. Otherwise, it has a lot of promise, and who knows, I may even get get rid of Esignal and save some $.
  10. OK....a little about todays trading. I was talking to a really sharp person in the ET "pm" land and he had a real good question for me. He asked me what "I saw" with the Inv R/T delta tools to buy right near the LOD today. This is a brief example of what I told him.....

    I said that I had a very clean looking "delta" divergence, followed by a delta shift to positive on the middle pane of this chart..........

    Watching the divergence of the delta had me ready for any possible shift positive, and then at that point I would look for a clean entry. Watching the "footprint" market delta charts helps me to "pick" the entry point......

    I entered my LONG position at the end part of the 12:06 CST bar. You can see from this chart that all three new lows were bars with positive delta (11:02, 11:44, 12:03). So we had SHORT covering hitting with BUYing each time we made new lows. Now look at that last low at 12:03 and the two bars surrounding the buyers or sellers look to be in control now.

    Here is what played out after my 1330.75 LONG entry from the 12:06 bar.............

    If you would have missed that LONG entry point after todays LOD was made, there was a decent "second chance" LONG entry point at the 12:36 bar.

    This example should help those that are not familiar with "market delta", to understand why traders use these tools to measure and visualize the "conviction" of the order flow.
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